Vision Mission Values

Our vision, Mission and Core Values


To be recognized as a service provider of choice. To furthermore develop into industry leaders in providing sustainable risk-based business solutions to our clients on safety, health, environmental, quality and business solutions that will eliminate operational risks, workplace incidents, prevent employee injury and downtime whilst improving profit margins and meeting social responsibility, nationally and provincially. Hence developing faith in national and foreign investors in South Africa.



The mission of the Training Academy is the development and delivery of an optimum policy of

training and education in the construction industry and wider sector. It will be the objective of the Training Academy to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude in the


What we believe is driven by our embedded values


Our core values:

Shercon Consulting is focused on providing a service to our customers that is driven and supported by our core values.

INTEGRITY – In all that we do.

FAIRNESS – In practice and our employees

BALANCE – Between work life and personal life

RESPONSIBILITY – Socially uplift communities where ever we operate

COMMITMENT – Delivering of Quality products and services

OPENNESS – In communication and mutual solutions

SHARING – Our success for future development

DIVERSITY – And how it contributes to our organization and beyond

OUR ATTITUDES – What we believe is underpinned by our attitudes